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(a) Rider should hold on to the Pole while the ride is on.
(b) For your safety, Children who cannot hold firmly to the ride pole and maintain balance on the Horse should not be allowed to ride as loss of balance can make the child fall off the ride; this can lead to injury.
(c) Rider should not extend their body parts out of the luxury carousel ride cabin. (d) Children should be accompanied by their parents
(e) It is compulsory for Riders to seat while the ride is on and not move, or stretch out their hands, feet and head while the ride is on.
(e) In case of emergency, follow the Attendant to the muster point.
(g) Children under 5 years and can hold firmly to the ride MUST ride with a Supervising Companion who must be above 14 years.

(a) It is mandatory to pay attention to the Attendant(s).
(b) Do not enter the ride with any of your belongings

5 Years and Above

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