Train Ride

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(a) For your safety, keep your arms and legs inside the ride always.
(b) Watch the height of the ride especially when the ride passes underneath the rail to avoid head injury.
(c) Ensure your seatbelt is fastened before and during the ride.
(d) Rider should hold on to the iron bar on the Train as the ride progresses.
(e) Avoid unnecessary play when the ride is on, be focused.
(f) Children under 5 years MUST ride with a Supervising Companion who must be above 14 years. A Supervising Companion is responsible for ensuring that the child remains seated properly and follows all rules and regulations concerning the ride.

(a) Pay close attention to the attendant and the operator.
(b) Do not enter the ride with any of your belongings.

AGE LIMIT: 3 to 18 years

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